Known throughout the Maritimes for our professionalism and experience on the water, we are one of the leading kiteboarding destinations and instructing schools in Canada. Our instructors at will make your stay on this picturesque and windy island one you will never forget.

Since founding in 2006 we have striven to provide the highest quality teaching standards to all of our kiteboarding students. We are happy to announce all of our instructors are PASA certified, giving them the advanced teaching skills set needed to get you up and riding in a positive and fast learning environment!

What did you do this weekend?

Our instructors pride themselves on providing professional instruction in the art of kiteboarding. We offer the perfect location and learning environment to introduce you to the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Check out our Lessons page to find out more on how you can book your spot today. See you on the water!

SUP'n is the newest craze to sweep the water enthusiasts world. It involves standing on a large floating board and using a paddle to propel yourself along the water. We are excited to have added this awesome water activity to our line of sports, perfect for the no wind days on P.E.I.


"Their teaching location allowed me to perfect my kiteboarding skills in a safe and beginner friendly environment .”

Corey Sibbald, Maine



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