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David is a native Islander, born and raised in Cavendish, PEI. He grew up windsurfing on the North Shore of the Island. With over 35 years of experience on the water, it was 21 years ago that David was introduced to kiteboarding and he has been addicted ever since.

David received his PASA Instructor Certification in 2006 and has averaged 50+ students a year since.  His passion for the sport and his patient nature, make him an excellent instructor. 

David Macneill


Master Instructor and founder of PEI Kiteboarding

"We are pleased to invite you into our own back yard and partner our love of kiteboarding with your adventurous side to welcome you with open arms to the fastest growing water sport in the world - Kiteboarding!

David Macneill, Lead Instructor


JR Macneill

JR is obsessed with kiting!

His Uncle David, who taught him how to kite 9 years ago has since given him the opportunity to practice this passion every time the wind blows.

JR enjoys teaching and due to his obsession with the sport he is able to teach regularly all year long. Spending the winter months instructing on a Caribbean Island and the summer seasons here with PEI Kiteboarding. JR is on the water almost everyday, always learning more and is excited to teach anyone willing to try. He is an experienced instructor, becoming certified 4 years ago - JR has now taught over 500 students. His patient manner and calm demeanour instills confidence in his students, ensuring they feel comfortable and safe.

Wether it is your first time flying a kite or you are trying to further your own progression, he will ensure you reach your goals.

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