Learn to kiteboard with us!
Land Lessons #1


What you will learn:


- Gear set-up and Saftey systems

- Understanding the Wind- Window

- Launch & land a kite in any wind condition

- Kite Control


Timeframe: 2 - 2.5 hours


Price: $200.00 + HST

Water Lessons #2


What you will learn:


- Getting up on the board!

- Proper technique of body dragging

- Re-launching the kite in water

- Correct body position while riding

- Self Rescue


Timeframe: 2 hours


Price: $200.00 + HST

Advanced Lessons #3


What you will learn:


- Beginner Aerials (Back Rolls - Front Rolls)

- Boosting for BIG AIR!

- Advanced transitions

- Kite Loops and Un-hooked riding


Timeframe: 1 hour - 2 hours


Price: $80.00/ hour + HST


All water lessons include wireless helmet communication to make your learning the fastest & safest possible on the water!


"After a few attempts and some very positive encouragment from my instructor I was able to experience my first ever kiteboarding ride. Gliding along the water with the kite in my hand is a RUSH i soon wont forget! ”

Cameron Hawkins, Holland