Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP for short is the newest water sport craze to reach our picturesque island. A perfect sport to take advantage of on the no wind days here on P.E.I. SUP boarding involves standing on a large floating board and using a paddle to propel yourself along the water.


We have fallen in love with this sport since its creation and have added a number of boards and paddles to our arsenal of water gear. we use it as a great cross-over workout to get you in shape for kiting on the low wind days on P.E.I. We are also excited to announce we are beginning to add SUP tours to our repetoire of activities that will include a guide to take you and friends out to "hidden" local spots showing off the true natural beauty this island has to offer. Be sure to ask our staff about how you can sign up for a SUP tour on a non-windy day!


1 hour - 1 board & paddle = $25.00

2 hours - 1 board & paddle = $40.00


Half day (4 hours) - board & paddle = $70.00

              Guided Sunset Sup Tour (2 hours) - $60.00


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